Saturday, February 4, 2012

she makes me a killer

 hey 'sup i made this ring with a pressed penny and mod podge dimensional magic and batman fabric and a rhinestone and a ring base from charlotte russe that i popped the crap ring bit out of
im proud~
 cat shirt
tripp pants cut clumsily into shorts
 disney headband
diy charm necklace
bug bracelets
diy lisa frank sticker bracelet
 usual shoes
drugstore tights (from london when i lived there)

blah blah blah

im not in a bad mood or anything actually quite the opposite i am not very verbose today because i really want to go outside and run around so i'm gonna go do that



his_girl_friday said...

Love your hair!

Hypnotic Mushroom said...

Nice ring, your hair is adorable! ^^

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