Wednesday, December 29, 2010

you might laugh, you might frown walking round londontown.

dress: leg avenue, got it at an after-halloween sale for cheap but found here for $29
tights: generic drugstore brand
coat: $25 from goodwill
title: from LDN by lily allen, stuck in my head because i'm marathonning secret diary of a call girl

Saturday, December 25, 2010

run, run, bunny run. run, run, bunny, RUN

so it's christmas, and this is what happens when you give me too much chocolate.
shirt - gift, 10 pounds or whatever the equivalent is in american dollars from placebo's website
skirt - gift, but kind of amazing because it is actually legitimately long on me even though i am six feet tall

necklaces: (backwards in this photo) 'devotchka' from this etsy seller, who is kind of amazing; time turner from borders last seen here
title: from S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W by my chemical romance

Friday, December 24, 2010

whoa mistletoe (it's growing cold) i'm seeing ghosts (i'm drinking old)... red water, red water, red water chase them away

i have this room to myself while my family's in florida and it's kind of fantastic - i'm used to dorming so it's a welcome change.
i have to remember to take my photos for tomorrow on the balcony, where there is actual SUN.
dress - h&m, last seen here
necklace - harry potter! around $20 from hot topic but now sold out
boots - wanted, last seen here
excuse my unevenly-coloured face, i'm refusing to wear face make-up for the rest of the year (foundation and etc) in an effort to give my skin some time to rest and whatnot.
this is what my hair looks like after a couple of washes. it's still bright and i still love it, although it does dye my shower water a scary psycho-esque red. ah well.
for the record, this is what florida looks like on christmas eve.
this is the first christmas in my life i haven't spent in chicago, and it's kind of nice. but i really just want to get back home.

title: red water (christmas mourning) by type o negative

Thursday, December 23, 2010

london calling, yeah, i was there too. and you know what they said? well, some of it was true...

boots - wanted, $90. here
skirt - forever21 - $20ish, can't find on website
shirt - goodwill - 29 cents
socks - american apparel, $15. here

like my default superhero pose?
i'm in florida for christmas, my cousin is getting married and et cetera. so that's what's going on in that respect.
i miss new york already.
title - from london calling by the clash. appropriate because my shirt says "london calling kings cross denim punk". i don't really know why, it's a kids' shirt. and it strikes me as a bit engrish-y.

remember when you were a madman, thought you were batman, and hit the party with a gas can?

i can't post selfphotos because I'M ON A PLANE (inflight wifi is fucking insane guys) but i'm wearing red thrifted shirt forever21 tulle skirt boots american apparel socks blah blah
whatever instead here are some things that inspire me:
(oh the title is from na na na (na na na na na na na na na na na na) by my chemical romance and yes i do like their new cd and yes shut up.)

yes i am a giant harry potter nerd and yes only one of these things is actually fashion but that's sort of how it is with me.
i love things. i love everything, sometimes. other things i could include:
david bowie the sex pistols sid vicious london camden town new york city love robert smith's face lady gaga nicki minaj die antwoord

i'm listening to tiger lou right now, an ex introduced me to them, and while i don't like that aspect of it (i feel like i have to think about him every time i listen to them and that sucks) they're really really quite good. la la


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

more hair stuff

so i still really love my hair. the one issue i have with it is that when it gets wet, dye runs everywhere, and it makes my skin kind of streaky pink. which is weird. but honestly i love the colour so much it's worth it. i dyed it two nights ago, haven't washed it yet (don't worry, i'm about to) but it hasn't faded at all, hasn't lost any of it's i-just-dyed-this vibrancy.
sorry about the covering-my-face thing. i didn't wear makeup today and it's 3:30 in the morning and i just don't want to deal. OKAY?!
ridiculous head thing: forever21, on sale for $3. couldn't find an exact match on the website but it's similar to this
i really don't like forever21. really do not. but i love their hair stuff. i didn't realize when i first dyed my hair that i was going to be limiting my clothing options, but i totally am - there's this really cute dress i own with tigers on it that i haven't been able to wear since i went red because it clashes with the orange - but forever21 has a really great collection of black hair accessories. and a lot of them are pretty fucking cute. like this. and this. and this.
yes, sometimes i do think i am lady gaga.
for contrast, this is me maybe a couple of washes after i dyed with manic panic as opposed to special effects.
yes i know i'm a charming little girl, you don't have to tell me.
that shirt's... uh, well, it's star trek. and i got it from sending in cereal labels.

i've just found a picture of right after having dyed my hair (not the first time, for a touch-up) with the manic panic. here it is:
the shirt is from the very famous designer "the pittsburgh penguins". they're super couture.
the difference is kind of incredible, isn't it? i don't know why i was too fucking stubborn to try special effects to begin with. i feel like manic panic is sort of "the thing to do". i'd never really heard of special effects before.
welp, i guess i've converted.
i should go to bed. i'm on winter break, but finals made me nocturnal and it's becoming impossible for me to sleep like a normal person... that and i've just started playing world of warcraft (I KNOW I KNOW SHUT UP). shit's insane.
xo xo xo xo xo

yoooo evil boy

Dress: Urban Outfitters, super on sale and about three sizes too big. I tie the belt really tight in the middle but it still sort of gaps out underneath my arms. But I like it, and it's the only white (whitish) thing I own, so it's got that going for it.
Tights: Generic, from drugstore
Coat (on bed): $25, goodwill. One of my favourite thrift-store finds, it's a size small (which I am not usually) but fits me perfectly. It's insanely nineties and is real leather and real fur, which I won't wear unless it's thrifted but if I find it thrifted I'm fucking happy.
Pins: Various sources, probably none of them are over like $1.50 though. Just what I know for sure: the Batman is from Hot Topic, as is the Rorschach. Julien-k, ampersand, astronaut, guitar hero and AFP ones from various concerts. The "I am Jack's smirking revenge" is from etsy.
Bracelet: gift.
Title: Evil Boy by Die Antwoord

Monday, December 20, 2010

the hair the hair the hair the HAIR

so it's been a while.
you might recall that this is what i looked like before:

times have changed, children. i needed something different and it occurred to me that i am sans parental supervision, for the most part, and sans massive amounts of parental judgment and lecturing, plus i have always really, really wanted to dye my hair.
so i did.
several months ago, actually, but we'll get to that. anyway, this is my most recent b̶l̶o̶w̶ dye job, as of tonight:
it's special effects in devilish.
actually, before today i'd been using manic panic in pillarbox red. people had been telling me for a while to try special effects but i am a creature of habit and adamantly refused because, hey, what worked worked.
but i like this. it's better. it's bigger. it's brighter.
go big or go home.
i had to dye it immediately, and tonight, because up until about an hour ago i looked like a weasley:
not that there's anything wrong with being a weasley. it's just not me, man.

so, why red? why why why why why
well that's a good question.
i think the 90s are red, in the same way the 80s are day-glo purple and the 70s are that weird brownish greeny orange and the 60s are the colour of good, fresh dirt and the 2000s are chrome but wish they were platinum.
and i love the 90s.
i also love dyed hair.
and not being what people expect.
because yeah, i have bright red hair. it's in your fucking face. but i can still carry on a conversation about postmodern literature, and i've never shoplifted, and i listen to beethoven and i like fashion. i eat couture for breakfast, man.
so this isn't really about clothes, but i guess you got a glimpse of what i wear to bed, as it's four in the morning right now and finals has forced me into this weird sleep schedule that i can't seem to break out of even though the semester is over and i only have one more paper to do which needs to be emailed to my professor before 11 tonight.
ah well.
here are some people who have absolutely nailed the bright red look. i love them.

Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm sweet and i'm twisted, like a koeksister

hnghh. i wish.
shirt: forever 21, probably like $20 or less. i am not a huge fan of forever 21 because of their whole catholicism bent, but this reminded me a bit of mcqueen and i had to have it.
skirt: from express. speaking of express, i love this.
nylons: drugstore, $6 for three pairs
title: from wat pomp by die antwoord. here

Sunday, September 26, 2010

my heart's a tart, your body's rent

dress - charlotte russe, on sale for probably around $10. it came as a set (the opaque one and the lace one) and was sewn together at the shoulder straps but i did some minor plastic surgery so i could wear them separately... and took off the tag, because whoever decided it was ok to put clothing tags on sheer items is a total asshole.
also i realize visible bra straps are totally gauche and whatnot, i fixed them with a paperclip (yeah yeah ghetto) before i went out.
i didn't really know my elbow could bend like that.
necklace: $5 from a street vendor.
i was wondering if we could just bring back the nineties? that wonderful gothy dark heroin-chic (and no, i am not thin enough to effectively pull off heroin-chic but the sentiment is there).

title: from every you every me by placebo. i am fucking obsessed with placebo. all i listen to is placebo.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

baby, did you forget to take your meds?

necklace: vintage, was a birthday gift this year.
giant hairbow: h&m, $6.
i'm sure you're sick of seeing this dress (yes i wash it before wearing it i just really like it) so this post is mostly about accessories.
exclusively actually.
why do i always forget to wear earrings?
jacket: obey, on sale for $60 or so, at urban outfitters a few months ago but no longer being sold, i guess. it's a guy's jacket, i like it cos it's huuuge.

title: from meds by placebo. i am fucking obsessed with placebo.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

kind of buzz that lasts for days, had some help from insect ways. comes across all shy and coy, just another nancy boy.

dress: h&m $20 last seen here
time turner necklace: borders last seen here
socks: urban outfitters, probably around $16
shoes: strawberry
title: from nancy boy by placebo

Friday, September 17, 2010

she's the last of the english roses

dress: probably like $20 from h&m
bracelets: three for $5, from street market, outlined in this post
title: from last of the english roses by peter doherty.
he is wonderful.
you can see the video for it here

Thursday, September 16, 2010

who needs love when there's law and order? and who needs love when there's southern comfort? and who needs love at all?

dress: j.crew brand but bought at a thrift store in a $5 bag sale. i had A LOT of items in that bag so this dress probably ended up being like $.50. not bad.
necklaces: "i <3 my cat" from metro boutique in state college PA, $18. time turner necklace around $9 from borders.
tights: i have literally no idea where these came from. i found them in my drawer today and thought i'd wear them. my tights usually cost from $8-$10 though.
title: from amanda palmer's leeds united.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

it might destroy me, but i'd sacrifice my body if it meant i'd get the jack part out.

it is so rare that i wear long sleeves, especially with a neckline like this, but it's cold as balls out and i didn't feel like matching tights to anything today.
closeup of sleeve detail and stag beetle necklace.
dress: $5.99 (or less, i seem to remember that it was 50% off or in a buy-one-get-one sale or something but i can't be sure) from goodwill
necklace: $5 from a street vendor
title: from half jack by the dresden dolls, who i am going to see play on halloween (!!) they're my favourite band pretty much of all time and i've seen them a few times and seen amanda palmer (the singer) solo more times but they're finally together again and i am so happy.
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