Wednesday, June 5, 2013

today was a good day

so i was in pennsylvania for the past few weeks and it seems like every time i'm there there's some weird drama with friends or whatever that i get stuck in the middle of, which sucks. so that happened. but then i came home.
and my friend who was babysitting my fish had cleaned my apartment (she is amazing). 
and i got a card from ally which made me incredibly happy, because she, too, is amazing.
and i posted a picture of my new tattoo on tumblr:
it's the seven sigils of the endless from neil gaiman's sandman comic books, which were the first comic books i read at the ripe old age of 12 and they sent me headlong into a lifetime of nerdery.
and neil gaiman liked the post

i know this is pretty minor for probably all of you but i'm SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED. i saw the notification and burst into tears. i know he runs his own blog which means he saw it and appreciated it and i'm so incredibly happy. 

and i love the tattoo, it's my favourite (right now, but of course i got it yesterday, so that could change but i'm not sure it's going to). it was designed by a really good friend and the work is amazing (some parts in the picture look a bit lumpy, but it's still swollen and healing, so that will get better). 

and... yeah. today was a good day.

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