Sunday, February 24, 2013

the paper bag princess

 i found this badass tim-burton-at-the-ren-faire dress at beacon's closet a few months ago and ho lee shit does it fit me like a glove. 
being a bigger girl (i'm not calling myself fat! but i'm 6' and have a big ribcage and huge hips) means that it's really difficult to find vintage clothing in my size. it seems like before the 1990s, most women were really petite. even now it's a little difficult to find clothing, but as the american public grows outwards it's easier to find things in a range of sizes and styles.
anyway, i love this dress. 

 happy purim! i posted some pictures of my purim costume on my tumblr which is where i'm posting much more frequently now that i'm not on here as much.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the sky is falling in on me

 i know it's been forever since i posted.
one of my best friends had his first solo photography exhibition today and i decided to dress up a little bit!

hope you are all doing well!

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