Tuesday, January 31, 2012

with the fury of a saint in her eyes

 i just got this unicorn shirt and holy shit do i love it. it's perfect.
 this is apparently my sc3n3 girl pose
 the skirt is that one leopard skirt i always wear and the tights are those sweater tights i always wear and you can see the huge pile of books in my fireplace which is either a clever fahrenheit 451 reference or due to the fact that i have like nowhere else to put anything
 necklaces are from camden and from my random collection of charms and jewelry findings and shit, hairclip is vintage from ebay
title is from highway unicorn (road to love) by lady gaga 


Monday, January 30, 2012

"bad things happen to sunshine people, too, you know."

so it's my second week of classes and i think starting school again is the best thing that could happen to me.
it means i'm not just sitting here moping feeling sorry for myself.
i have things that i have to do and i have to wake up and get dressed and be clean and put on make-up and smile
and i love that. thank god for routine.
last year was a really tough year for me. a lot of shit happened that i won't get into
and i know, i fucking hate when people do that whole "bad stuff happened but i don't wanna talk about it" thing, too, but i also don't want to take an emotional shit on the internet, so if you'd like to hunt me down and talk to me about it i'd be happy to explain. my email and stuff is on my profile. if you have me on other social networks there you go.

i'm not really sure why i'm typing this all out but whatever. this is my blog i do what i want 
i've been going back and forth on this blog for more than a year but right now i'm pretty happy with it, i know i don't have a ton of commenters and followers but it's more than i ever expected to have and it makes me really happy, everyone reading this is great and all your comments make me smile.
i'm getting back to somewhere i am happy. i know i just have to keep going, keep my head up.
this year's gonna be a good year.

and it's almost 1/12th over! holy shit.

i love you all. 


naked at buckingham palace

 today is one of those days (which i have been having a lot lately) where i just dont want to do anything too high maintenance and would rather be warm and comfortable.

 sweater from ebay skirt from goodwill tights from urban outfitters headband from disney store
 this skirt is usally quite long, i've pulled it up to like just under my boobs for it to be this length and i know sometime today its just going to fall down to where it fits and i'm going to feel really awkward but whatever
 (this is what it normally looks like)
my makeup looked really good (i thought) after i did it but now it doesnt ha ha 
pardon my wet hair
orr mebbe this clip

i've been sleeping really weirdly lately. like i went to bed at 8 something last night and woke up at around 4. which is fine with me, i'm getting enough sleep, but i don't know why the fuck this is happening
the title is not lyrics but a reference to sherlock:
which is the best show
god dammnti


Sunday, January 29, 2012

meow meow meow meow meow

this post is a jade post

Saturday, January 28, 2012

my first review of something oh lawdy

so i've never done a review of anything before but i just picked up some duwop lip venom from sephora and I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT IT
 this is what my mouth looks like normally
 this is what my mouth looks like with it on
it is tingly, not very sticky, and it smells quite good-sort of cinnamon-y. i really like it. i picked it up for i think $18 at sephora. i'm not sure if it actually makes my lips bigger or if it's just a placebo but i think it looks good. 
i'm not really a lip gloss wearer but it wears nicely, like a clear gloss.
 here is my only problem with it: it's freaking tiny!
this is what the tube it comes in looks like
and this is what the product itself looks like. uhhh there is a bit of a difference here.
i feel like this is kind of misleading. other than that it's pretty good and i would buy again if i had the cash.

here is a close up picture of my mouth oh god it looks weird


mouse's school of hard knocks

have you ever stumbled across my blog and wondered, "hey, how much like this random girl am i? i'd really like to know how closely our personalities match!"? 
probably not, but if so, read on, dear ready people!

What do you do when your newly purchased body wash is on your bed when you are in the shower?
A. Use the one I already have in there. Sure, I want to know how the new one works, but it can wait.
B. Run naked and with shampoo- and conditioner-filled hair across your apartment to grab it, even though the one that is already in the shower is half full and the exact same brand, just with a different scent
C. Something clever

What do you do when you accidentally stayed up all night?
A. Take a nap before I get on with my day.
B. Take some sudafed and write a fake quiz for your shitty blog.
C. Something clever

Why did you accidentally stay up all night?
A. I was at a party. Or studying. 
B. I was watching Jackass and looking at people's blogs.
C. Something clever

You have to go grocery shopping. You...
A. Make a list. Buy those things. Maybe some other things if I feel like it.
B. Just buy whatever. Pasta without sauce. Doritos. Sushi. Run out of food two days later.
C. Something clever

Your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other breaks up with you. What do you do?
A. Move on with my life, even if it is a little sad.
B. Continue living some weird half-relationship with them until one of you goes mad. Probably you.
C. Something clever

You just got your period! What do you do?
A. Take care of it discreetly.
B. Bring it up in conversation as much as possible just so everyone knows how gawd-awful your cramps are.
C. Something clever

You are depressed. :c You...
A. Move on with your life. Try to do the things you like to do.
B. Do not leave the house for ten days. Write stupid quizzes for your blog. Don't sleep.
C. Something clever

If you got mostly A's:
Congratulations! You are most likely a real person.
If you got mostly B's:
It is very possible that we are the same person, or at least the same species.
If you got mostly C's:
This isn't the SATs. This is not how you win the test. You are an asshole.

Friday, January 27, 2012

this is my 200th post!

dress from ebay, tights from american apparel

holy shit, i never thought i'd get this far! thanks guys for reading and commenting :)


evolution of my pin curls (a story in pictures and words)

 so last night after i got out of the shower i blow-dried my hair. since this is not something i normally do i decided to do something else special and pin curl it. since the last time i pin curled my hair i did it when it was wet and it turned out like this (those words are a link) so i was like "doing it dry will be better!"
every time i curl my hair i have visions of princessy ringlets and that never happens.
anyway, this is what i started with. 
 putting in the pin curls. i like the sort of mullet i have going on.
 decided to make funny faces.
 all up! full head of pin curls. decided to let my bangs alone.
 i'm not sure how long i left them in. normally i'd sleep on them, but i didn't sleep last night.
 hangin out
 this is what it looked like right after i took them out. a few perfect ringlets but mostly some weird bits.
 and then after i brushed it out. LOTS of volume. not exactly curly, but i could definitely live with this.
...and then, 30 minutes later, i went and spent three hours in the rain.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

the issue of height

 sorry for all the weird random pictures. it is sort of hard to find pictures that appropriately illustrate my height 
also sorry for all the random pixelation, i have this weird paranoia about blogging pictures with people i know, because i wonder whether they know about my blog and if they do if they're upset about me posting pictures of them or if they don't if they would be if they knew and augh so that's why
 look im taller than a dalek!
 hanging out with someone taller than me at a hookah place
dressed like a hooker
 halloween thing w a bunch of people and also looking scared
"scared" is sort of my default photo face

so here is the thing.
i am six feet tall.
it is kind of weird.
i know it's not THAT unusual to be six feet tall but... well, honestly, it kind of is. everyone thinks they want to be super tall, and the thing is
it's kind of great.
but it's also kind of not.
i can reach things-i am the tallest person in my family-i am very easily noticed (the hair helps, too)
but it is kind of weird explaining to everyone that no i cannot be a model because i am not thin enough (height is not all that matters)
plus my face isn't quite right
i have been asked to model multiple times but i am sort of intimidated. i don't really have the confidence. maybe i will get there.
last time i was at my dad's place he told me he needed a lightbulb changed and it turned out he had saved it specially for my visit.
and everyone thinks they're super creative when they tell me i should play volleyball or basketball
when in reality i am much more likely to be hit in the face with a volleyball or a basketball than anything else
due to extremely poor hand eye coordination.
also where all the tall bois and gurls at
certainly not around here.
i can't wear heels without feeling like i'm going to smash tokyo.
the first thing anyone says about me about 75 percent of the time is "wow you're tall"
yes dear i have been quite tall for a while now i am maybe aware of this.
also getting clothes to fit is weird. but that might just be how i'm shaped. since i'm so limby sleeves and pants hems are often off.
i'm learning to love it. it's definitely easier in new york city than in pennsylvania.


can we talk about gaultier for a second

ali just pointed out that it looks like she's wearing super long thigh highs and nothing else on the bottom

images taken from this buzzfeed list
click 'em to make 'em biggy
that last picture is from here and there is nothing i want more in the world than that whole outfit

it is no secret how much i love amy winehouse. this collection, an obvious tribute to her, is fucking incredible. 
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