Monday, January 30, 2012

naked at buckingham palace

 today is one of those days (which i have been having a lot lately) where i just dont want to do anything too high maintenance and would rather be warm and comfortable.

 sweater from ebay skirt from goodwill tights from urban outfitters headband from disney store
 this skirt is usally quite long, i've pulled it up to like just under my boobs for it to be this length and i know sometime today its just going to fall down to where it fits and i'm going to feel really awkward but whatever
 (this is what it normally looks like)
my makeup looked really good (i thought) after i did it but now it doesnt ha ha 
pardon my wet hair
orr mebbe this clip

i've been sleeping really weirdly lately. like i went to bed at 8 something last night and woke up at around 4. which is fine with me, i'm getting enough sleep, but i don't know why the fuck this is happening
the title is not lyrics but a reference to sherlock:
which is the best show
god dammnti



Beauty Follower said...

Like the stars-sweater!

Shybiker said...

Great sweater. Pretty hair-thingie. And excellent makeup. (I need to learn how to do that.)

I'm having the same sleep-weirdness. Maybe it's the season. It's supposed to be Winter but feels like Spring.

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