Monday, January 2, 2012

you think im crazy, a little bit hazy, but im stone cold sober

 skirt from search and destroy yall ahve seen this
 no makeup
pincurls made my hair insane so i did double buns
i studded this sweater myself! it made my thumb hurt 
shoes are madden girl i think
tights from urban outfitters/were a gift

title: from stone cold sober by paloma faith



Laura said...

woo! love the buns! I wanna see the crazy pin curls tho!

Hazel said...

I totally forgot what I was about to say because I was just caught off guard. Underneath all of your posts- you know, where it says: "You might also like" and it lists other blog posts you've made? I just saw one with Na Na Na lyrics in it. <3 <3 <3

My Chemical Romance is pretty much my favorite band. Been bangin' those tunes since Revenge.

I think you just won my heart (!!!!)

Please excuse my fan rant

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