Tuesday, January 31, 2012

with the fury of a saint in her eyes

 i just got this unicorn shirt and holy shit do i love it. it's perfect.
 this is apparently my sc3n3 girl pose
 the skirt is that one leopard skirt i always wear and the tights are those sweater tights i always wear and you can see the huge pile of books in my fireplace which is either a clever fahrenheit 451 reference or due to the fact that i have like nowhere else to put anything
 necklaces are from camden and from my random collection of charms and jewelry findings and shit, hairclip is vintage from ebay
title is from highway unicorn (road to love) by lady gaga 



Daniel said...

PerfeCT and Awesome ! Love it! I always wanted a t-shirt with Unicorns! I ♥ unicorns ! Where did you get it from !!? Leopard skirt AMEN †

Ellinor Forje said...

I haven't, but I should!

Shybiker said...

I'll never stop loving unicorns no matter how much people mock me. The shirt is terrific.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing me the best way to match leopard mini!!

Yola Thorp said...

Cute Tee!


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