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Saturday, February 26, 2011

hissy hissy little snakey

this is clearly the year that slytherin will win the house cup.
why does my face look like that?

i will never know.
bracelet - gift
necklaces - coyote vertebra and chain, deathly hallows symbol from hot topic around $18. no longer listed.
shirt - wizarding world of harry potter, way too fucking expensive. cut at the neck. i can't wear t-shirts unless i cut them
skirt - faux leather, don't remember where i bought it
boots - 20-eye doc martens, $145 from zappos
tights - american apparel - $16 - here
american apparel tights are expensive, but so, so worth it. tons of stretch, durable, and they don't itch.

title - harry potter and the deathly hallows:
hissy hissy, little snakey, slither on the floor
you'll be good to morfin or he'll nail you to the door.

Monday, February 21, 2011

dvf considers leopard print a neutral.

a woman after my own heart, clearly.

hello darlings i'm sorry i've been not posting so well lately. things will resume shortly.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

if wellness is this, what in hell's name is sickness?

i need a leopard print and black lace intervention. those are two things i will always, always, always buy.
and before you ask, yes, ''scared rabbit'' is the face i always adopt in photographs.
vertebra necklace - it's not handmade because i just put a thing on another thing, but last seen here (where i did not credit it as part of my outfit. oops)
"chanel" necklace: ridiculously gaudy and i love it. picked up for $5 at a wonderful store on 6th av. (between 11th and 12th) where everything is either $2, $5, or $10. my favourite sunglasses came from there, but i broke them. both pairs. :c
skirt - $18 from search and destroy.
sweater - $1 from a charity shop. cut the neck off (did quite a poor job at keeping things even). very soft. don't remember what the tag said.
bracelet - gift
tights - drugstore

title: from runs in the family by amanda palmer

street harassment/the perils of living in new york city?

there is very rarely a day in which i go outside for any period of time and do not end up getting hit on/whistled at/ogled/harassed by someone.
this happens no matter what i'm wearing - whether i'm dressed up, in a t-shirt and skirt, going to class, going to party, bundled up or baring skin.
and i will admit - sometimes it's flattering. other times it makes me feel sick. worthless, objectified, marginalized.
and yes, sometimes i do dress in a marginally outrageous fashion, and i'd be lying if i said i didn't at least expect some attention to go with it. but when someone treats me - and other girls - like objects, no matter what we are wearing or doing or where we are going, it sucks.
and it has to stop.
i don't know what i can do by myself, but there's a wonderful movement called hollaback (where both of these images are sourced from!) that is working for truth, justice, and the american way.
well, i might have confused them with superman, but you get the picture.

the point is, whether i dress provocatively or conservatively, whether i am influenced on a particular day by alexander mcqueen or zee from dmz or lady gaga or the basket case, i'm not doing it so i can get shouted at and "checked out" by men i don't know.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

lick your cigarette and then kiss me

this is a pretty good view of how much my hair has faded since i dyed it almost a month ago. i'm pretty impressed, actually - manic panic fades a lot faster, and into something a lot more orange than pink. i'm kind of into the pink but i definitely think i need a redye soon.
for some reason i always get that weird halo of lighter colour around my head when my hair dye starts to fade... like a gradient, it's darker close to my scalp, then there's a ring of paler pink, then the rest of my hair is darker. weird...?
the sun is deceptive. it is FUCKING COLD. tights are from somewhere in london, camden town is likely, donno how much they were.
belt - h&m, $10ish, last seen here
sweater - search and destroy, $18. last seen here
dress - charlotte russe, on sale a yearish ago for around $10, last seen here
hairclip - probably like $5 for a set of 2, h&m
i think i need more sweaters/sweatshirts/hoodies in my life, because i have this one gross one that i wear to bed and i always just want to wear it out (sometimes i do) under my jacket but it's boring and grey, and i grew out of my hoodie phase midway through high school.
this one's good, though, because it has sparkles and sometimes if i'm bored in class and stop focusing my eyes it looks like a galaxy.
bracelet (hidden by sweater) - gift
confession: i have too many clothes. seriously, too many clothes to fit in my closet. (see that little tardis-shaped thing behind me with the black mesh box on top of it? that's my closet. i'll take a picture of the insides for you someday, but trust me, it is not fucking pretty. things are mashed in there all haphazardly and it looks about to explode.)
i need to go to the container store and buy some boxes for the clothes i don't wear as much.
also maybe i should stop buying them?
but that seems so...
i dream of moving out of the dorms and keeping my clothes on a freestanding clothes rack like any true fabric junkie. i want to be able to see them all and touch them all before i decide what to wear, and honestly recently i've been sort of doing what i can because i don't want to be closet-spelunking at 6:45 a.m. when i have to get up for class.
i'm going to stop typing now before i start sounding too much like carrie bradshaw (scary bradshaw?) but not before i tell you that the title of this post comes from no you girls by franz ferdinand.

(i'm thinking of changing the name of my blog but my major problem is to what? i hate what it is right now it seems kind of pretentious i am not really a fashionista or a punk i just have red hair and like to talk about clothes. i dunno. i'll ponder it while i'm in class.)

i might join your century, but only as a doubtful ghost

i'm double-posting today (if i can get it together before i have to run to class) and i'm coming up with ideas for non-outfit-documenting posts too, like things about nail polish etc. i am no expert but i like what i like
i wore this on monday, took pictures, forgot to post it. bleah
this is pretty basic but i'm posting it here because it is simply one of my favourite outfits of all time. if not my number one favourite. i wear this combination like once a month.
it never fails to give me a little bit of confidence. if i wake up in a bad mood i put on either this dress or these tights and i feel better.
dress - h&m ages ago for like $20. last seen here (but i wear it a lot more than this blog lets on)
thigh highs - $9 from here. i love this website, i seriously would spend all my money there if i could. the tights are one of the few things i have brought with me from my fits of high school-related fashion madness. the striped tights are (or rather, were) an amanda palmer thing (she's moved on from wearing them, i think, but i'm still stuck on them... probably will be forever) and yes i am six feet tall and yes i do have long legs but THEY COULD ALWAYS LOOK LONGER DAMMIT.

necklace - coyote vertebra on really old chain
bracelet - gift
title - from girl anachronism by the dresden dolls - the striped tights are in this video. and love. true love.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

i'm coming up on infra-red, there is no running that can hide you, 'cause i can see in the dark.

this isn't really an outfit post bc its not a whole outfit but i just bought this dress and i kind of love it.
this is the back. aaaaaa
dress - $30ish from search and destroy, no tags. i need to find a belt thatll work with it because right now it's a bit of a potato sack but i fuckin love it.
necklace - coyote vertebra (yes it's real) + chain i've had since i was like 14.
bracelet - gift
title: from infra red by placebo

Saturday, February 5, 2011


this is my face right now (source: hark, a vagrant by the amazing incredible kate beaton. basically my favourite webcomic of all time. ever.)
so this happened. i really have two things to say about this:
1. i fucking love alexander wang
2. i fucking love diplo. i know i've linked this before but he is the best part of the video
3. diplo is so hot. the female model, i don't know who she is simply because i don't really give a fuck. she's pretty but nothing special.
4. i can't handle alexander wang. i keep seeing girls with his AMAZING bags and am so fucking jealous.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

no glove no love, if you don't believe me get your dirty hands off my umthondo wisizwe!

going to embark upon one of my midwinter weight-loss escapades.

yes those are scars on my legs. yes i did those myself. but regardless of how deep they were, they healed, and they're going to stay healed. which is why i don't mind showing them.
i do mind when people see them and judge me. i'm not saying i had reason to do something like that to myself, or enough reasons, because in my opinion there are not enough reasons in the world. but it's done, i did it. and i'm not ashamed, i'm not embarrassed.
this is a quick post because it's late, i'm tired, and honestly this is just something i put together to go out for a cigarette. i'm on the phone in this picture ha ha ha
shorts - from h&m two summers ago, they were on sale in barcelona for five euros. they are one of about two pairs of shorts i own.
sweater - from search and destroy, which is probably my favourite store of all time. it's on st mark's place in new york and unfortunately doesn't have a website, but it is the most amazing thrift store of all time basically.
it's actually not a "thrift" store. i can't really afford to shop there most of the time. but i got my paycheck in and picked up a few pieces, which i'm sure i'll showcase here over time.
socks - from american apparel, $16. i have three pairs of these in light grey, grey, and black and honestly that is not enough. these are amazing. super warm, very basic and very cute without being as douchebaggy as tights tend to be. last seen here in black.
this post is really wordy, i apologize. i'm in a verbose state of mind i think.
title: from evil boy by die antwoord, who i'm pretty sure are clinically insane.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sometimes i forget how serious batman is

here is what is happening right now and why i am not posting:
(i am doing this post because i just realized there are people following me [people i don't know in real life] [real internet people!!] and i dont want you guys to think i am a bad blogger)
1. because school just started, that's important. i don't want to fuck up this semester... even though i have 8 a.m. classes for three days in a row. (and no i did not fuck up last semester dont chew worry)
2. i have to work. i do some writing type stuff (nothing creative, i am not so lucky) which takes a bit of time.
3. world of warcraft. although i just hit the level at which i need to buy burning crusade, so wow might not be a serious problem for a little bit.
4. shopping
5. it's winter. i'm fucking unmotivated. next time i can i'll drink a strong cup of tea with four sugars and post like a madwoman.

and i know what youre saying ''BUT YOU JUST WROTE THIS LIST WHEN YOU COULD HAVE POSTED SOMETHING REAL'' but i am in my pyjamas.
someone took my photo for a fashion blog today so i think maybe i'm doinitrite?
i'll link to it if it gets put up.

my friend miguel took the pictures in this post on fashion's night out. waaaaay back in september.

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