Thursday, February 3, 2011

no glove no love, if you don't believe me get your dirty hands off my umthondo wisizwe!

going to embark upon one of my midwinter weight-loss escapades.

yes those are scars on my legs. yes i did those myself. but regardless of how deep they were, they healed, and they're going to stay healed. which is why i don't mind showing them.
i do mind when people see them and judge me. i'm not saying i had reason to do something like that to myself, or enough reasons, because in my opinion there are not enough reasons in the world. but it's done, i did it. and i'm not ashamed, i'm not embarrassed.
this is a quick post because it's late, i'm tired, and honestly this is just something i put together to go out for a cigarette. i'm on the phone in this picture ha ha ha
shorts - from h&m two summers ago, they were on sale in barcelona for five euros. they are one of about two pairs of shorts i own.
sweater - from search and destroy, which is probably my favourite store of all time. it's on st mark's place in new york and unfortunately doesn't have a website, but it is the most amazing thrift store of all time basically.
it's actually not a "thrift" store. i can't really afford to shop there most of the time. but i got my paycheck in and picked up a few pieces, which i'm sure i'll showcase here over time.
socks - from american apparel, $16. i have three pairs of these in light grey, grey, and black and honestly that is not enough. these are amazing. super warm, very basic and very cute without being as douchebaggy as tights tend to be. last seen here in black.
this post is really wordy, i apologize. i'm in a verbose state of mind i think.
title: from evil boy by die antwoord, who i'm pretty sure are clinically insane.


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