Saturday, February 26, 2011

hissy hissy little snakey

this is clearly the year that slytherin will win the house cup.
why does my face look like that?

i will never know.
bracelet - gift
necklaces - coyote vertebra and chain, deathly hallows symbol from hot topic around $18. no longer listed.
shirt - wizarding world of harry potter, way too fucking expensive. cut at the neck. i can't wear t-shirts unless i cut them
skirt - faux leather, don't remember where i bought it
boots - 20-eye doc martens, $145 from zappos
tights - american apparel - $16 - here
american apparel tights are expensive, but so, so worth it. tons of stretch, durable, and they don't itch.

title - harry potter and the deathly hallows:
hissy hissy, little snakey, slither on the floor
you'll be good to morfin or he'll nail you to the door.


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