Monday, May 20, 2013

you'll minimize some stranger's sadness with a piece of wood and plastic--holy fuck, it's so fantastic!

 i got this amazing betsey johnson dress at beacon's closet (the girl there said that someone who used to work for betsey comes in all the time to donate clothes, so they often have a good stock). it fits like a glove and reminds me of a cross between a ballerina dress and a costume from deadwood.
 it's really short though! i know i have some tall girls following me who know the pains of a perfect dress that shows just a little too much leg. and normally, in my book, there's really no such thing as too much leg, but i'm in danger of flashing my butt in this thing if the wind picks up even a little!
of course, i got it anyway. guess i'll just wear it with tights ;)


Friday, May 10, 2013

don't break my heart, and i won't break your heart shaped glasses

 i took a break from making stencil stuff for other people to make myself a shirt. i just... really like bats

i have to go to the salvation army to pick up some more stencil design shirts, but i'm hopefully going to be able to start putting them up for sale on etsy or something soon. they're really fun to make and it's a good way to let off some steam from finals (which aren't over for another week... ugh).


Saturday, May 4, 2013

friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation

 if you know me, you know i love south park. i'll argue south park is better than any animated show (besides maybe venture bros) until i'm blue in the face. 

so i decided to make this shirt decoration thing (i call him boob stan). stan is one of my favourite characters (i also like kyle, we have more in common because he's jewish) and i was inspired by this amazing shirt that paloma faith wore on never mind the buzzcocks:
...which i've been coveting since i saw the episode, so i decided to make my own version. he's not as cross eyed as he looks! he's just a little folded over.
i'm not entirely sold on how well it turned out, and i think next time i'd sew his face on a little bit higher to get the "sleeve" effect like on paloma's blouse. i couldn't do that to this one, though, because the straps are so thin--and it's no biggie, really, since it's only a 99 cent salvation army tank top+some scrap fabric. i might try to repeat this project now that i know a bit more what i want to be doing. 
anyway this is what i'm doing because my iron has broken in the middle of making a big batch of stencil shirts, which fucking sucks, so instead of working on my finals (which would, of course, be a more productive use of my time) this is what i've been doing instead. 


Friday, May 3, 2013

wouldn't you like to see something strange?

 so i got these ridiculous cat ear sunglasses (and i'm wearing them with my best valley girl face)
 and i made this pair with amazing tiny tiny bat and jack o lantern and moon vintage rhinestones that are just so cute i can't even stand it
are you guys doing anything to customize your summer necessities?


Thursday, May 2, 2013

where are you hiding, dolores haze?

here are a few of the things i've been doing/making/wearing in the past few months.
i got a sewing machine and with some inspiration/advice from the lovely meg have been sewing some of my own clothes--more recently, i have gotten into stenciling, in order to personalize things further. 

i've been debating for a while whether or not to come back here. i've always sort of felt unable to take my blog as seriously as i'd like, mostly because i can't take great pictures like so many of you guys do! but as the school year is ending, i'm missing more and more some of the lovely people that i've been fortunate enough to meet on here. so i've come back, and i'll stay back, at least sometimes. i might not post as often as i used to, but i'll try to do so more regularly, and figure out some way to take better pictures!
i'm likely to post more frequently on my tumblr (link) but not always about personal/fashion stuff.

i hope you all are doing well. let me know how you're doing!

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