Wednesday, May 30, 2012

current obsession


Friday, May 25, 2012

being human is weird

and no i'm not talking about the show although that's kinda weird too

four months ago i was at one of the lowest points i've ever been. and now i feel so so so much better about my life and the direction it's going in and the people i'm surrounding myself with. i honestly can't believe that less than a year ago i was fully prepared to drink myself to death. i'd absolutely given up and i really don't think i wanted to live. i know i didn't want to think.

and now, now, now... i've given up most of my vices (still haven't quit smoking... it's fucking tough but i'm working on it) and i feel creative and brilliant and yeah bad shit has happened but i can't let it get me down because i know how i'll be if i do and that's the biggest motivator i've got right now.
i hope all you mice have a wonderful wonderful long weekend!


Monday, May 21, 2012

hello mice

hi hi hi hi hi
i've got quite a bit on my plate recently. a few strange things have happened. 
i'm still in pennsylvania, at least until thursday, but i might have to stay on a bit longer than expected. 
i'm looking forward to the rest of the week. i'm so so so sorry i've been having such technological problems. i'm using my sister's computer which is quite slow so i haven't been able to comment on other blogs nearly as often as i'd really like to. but thank you thank you thank you as always for your kind comments. my computer issue is being resolved as we speak.

also i would just like to add that if any of you mice somehow find me on facebook, that's totally fine (and good detective work i might add). but i cannot accept friend requests from people on here unless we have actually communicated otherwise. i like to keep facebook just for the people i really know and am really going to talk to. if you want to get in touch with me, though, my email is right in my info box, feel free to send me a message!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

you better wise up, janet weiss

so once again, my laptop is out of commission. i'm borrowing my sister's school computer for the time being, while i'm in pennsylvania, but when i get back to new york it's going to be another couple of weeks without a computer. 
this really sucks because it basically means i can't blog. i will do my damndest to keep you updated with short but interesting text posts when i've got the chance to be on a computer so you all don't flee to another dimension and never come back again, because i love every single person who reads this dumb thing. 

i'm in pennsylvania for my dad's and sister's birthdays, and i'm going back to the city on thursday. i have really bad anxiety about travel so i'm already sort of dreading the journey back. alas
tonight i went to see rocky horror at midnight which, let's be honest, is the only way to do it. my friend and i dressed as brad and janet (photos to come) and it was basically fucking amazing, it's the second time i've been to this particular incarnation of midnight rocky and honestly, in a small town it's much bigger than it is in a big city. 
in a city there are people there who are doing it because it's something to do, but here you can tell the people who are there love it. sure there aren't as many of them but they're fucking hardcore.

never underestimate the power of small town freaks. 

janet weiss

Monday, May 14, 2012

do i look like a dyke to you?

words like lesbian, dyke, gay, faggot, bisexual, homo, have always bothered me.
not because of the negative connotations, although there is that too. anyone using words like that for hate is in the wrong. 
but that's not what i'm here to discuss.
i'm here to discuss the fact that, today, while in conversation with a relatively new friend of mine, i mentioned a relationship i've had. he continued the conversation, asking about "him". i gently corrected him to her and carried on with the conversation. he didn't, however.
he stopped. and looked at me. 
for a long time.
and then he said, "you don't look like a dyke to me."
i wasn't entirely sure how to respond. sure, i've been called that before, i've been called a lot of names before. i've even had people tell me i looked like a lesbian and hey, that didn't bother me, but for some reason this did. 
i don't look like a dyke?
what the fuck does that mean?
i wrapped up the conversation relatively awkwardly and went on my way but the question kept grating on me. i didn't explain my sexuality to him because i don't feel like i should have to explain. you like someone, you like someone. that's just how it is. i don't look at a straight couple and say "hey, give me a breakdown of your sexual and romantic preferences, please." i don't look at a girl whose hands are maybe a little big and say, "hey, miss, i was just wondering, do you happen to have a penis?"
so why does this kid think he has the right?
you know what word i do like? queer. because it fits. i'm not bisexual. sure, i like girls. but i don't like all girls. sure, i like boys, but i don't like all boys. and then there are girls who are boys and boys who are girls and everything in between and who is to say which one of them i'm going to fall head over heels in love with next?
i'm queer 'cos it sounds cool. cos being queer means being kinda weird. kinda funny. kinda mixed up. my sexuality isn't queer. that's just who i am.
just some musings for the night.


school's out for summer

 it was my last day of school!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

what i wear when i run to the store

 i own three of these dresses in different colours, they're super lightweight just to throw on with my usual accessories when i need an errand/sushi break during finals

 also i got some new headphones... working on glitterizing them and covering them with lisa frank stickers


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

also relevant

(relative to the previous post)

almost done!

hello mice!
i'm sorry if you feel like i've been neglecting you. i've been trying to throw a few outfit posts up here and there but there's really been nothing of my life! and things are actually going really well for me!
i only have about three days left of school which is really nice but most of it deals with finals and stuff like that which is not nearly as nice; i've got so much work to do i don't know how i'm going to handle it all but i'm sure i'll pull through with it in the end. i always seem to. 
my most important focus is my social inequality paper, which is dealing with cece mcdonald and transphobia in the african-american community. not that there isn't transphobia in other communities! 
i'm really disappointed in the vote that just went down in north carolina denying not just gay but all unmarried couples basic rights.
someday these people will understand that they were on the wrong side of the debate. 
sorry for getting a little political, although none of you should be too surprised :p
anyway, if you're in the midst of finals like i am, good luck.
if you're already in the midst of summer, or if you're one of those people who is done with school and never has to take a final again, i am so jealous!
i'll be back to updating (with a rebel yell she cried) more more more very very soon!

and i got the job!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

my daddy told me theres a lot of fish in the sea, but theres just a lot of motherfucking money, bitches, and weed

 my tights are ribbed as fuck
 why do i always have crazy eyes
vintage hairclip from ebay
my shorts have a cemetary on them
yours don't
they are from rockin bones clothing aw yiss
the shirt was on sale sale sale at urban outfitters
which is the only reason i really buy stuff from there to be honest, their prices are so jacked but their sales tend to be really nice

i feel like ive already used this in a post title


Sunday, May 6, 2012

thank you for the venom

 i just got back from a job interview and this is what i wore... i know. it was that kind of job interview though!
 i'm really excited and i hope i get the job.


Friday, May 4, 2012

ladies and gentlemen: truth is now acceptable, fame is now injectable

forgive my shower hair! 

 this looks like a bigfoot  photograh

i'm off to the lesbian history archives with my class, then to a  party tonight...


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine

 it is not a warm day in new york city. 
 sweater was on clearance at urban outfitters, tutu and headband from american apparel warehouse, tights from betsey johnson.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

forgive her for she knows not what she does

 weird clown shirt from beacons closet, skirt from search and destroy, vest from this etsy clicky linky

mmm my hair is so pale. cotton candy manic panic fades fucking fast. i kinda like it, im glad im not super into bright hair right now though because its only been dyed a couple weeks and its already like baby pink.


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