Wednesday, April 27, 2011

you are the queen of the superficial, how long before you tell the truth?

these first two photos are what i wore yesterday. die antwoord shirt (somewhat poorly) diyed by me, shorts from forever21 ages and ages ago, oscar wilde earrings from etsy. i wore those bitches to prom.
the hairclip that you can barely see was a gift from my grandmother when i was a baby, but i didn't have enough hair to wear it for another few years. it says my name. full name. well, full first name. in rainbow letters.

balloons courtesy the best person in my life, who got me six and popped one. i popped another one myself with a cigarette. there used to be a rainbow, but i am content with the four i have - they're the best colours, anyway.
they're wilting though.
dress - modcloth - it was originally like 200 dollars but i got it in the ~~secret sale and with a gift card so it was basically free.
bullet necklace - search and destroy, $12 which is REALLY FUCKING REASONABLE for a bullet necklace considering the ones at urban outfitters are fucking thirty dollars. seriously?
yes i did wear this insane amount of tulle to class.
this picture makes my feet look INSANE. i swear they are normal feet just kind of big, it's the angle or something but i do not have weird seal/duck feet.
never mind the feet... here's the sex pistols!
or, more accurately, here are the greatest shoes of my life. they are vivienne westwood and my wonderful mother sent them to me as an easter present. they smell like plastic but who cares? they have wings! like hermes! and they make me about six foot three!
they're remarkably easy to walk in, i was convinced i'd strap them on and faceplant, but they're really comfortable and no more difficult than clomping around in doc martens.
title from supermassive black hole by muse. why are three of the first five youtube results for this song twilight videos?

Friday, April 22, 2011

the tremor becomes a quake, there's a body in the lake

i just wanted to get this up quickly before i pass out for the night, this is actually something i wore last weekend and never put up

Thursday, April 21, 2011

don't break, don't break my heart and i won't break your heart-shaped glasses

lolita within lolita
heart shaped glasses - on clearance at hot topic like three years ago, purchase inspired by the marilyn manson song which also lends lyrics to the title of the post
lolita shirt - strand bookstore, $24ish
skirt - forever21 - last seen here
necklace - from pinkhellokitty on etsy which is basically a candygirl's dream
boots - falling apart and fixed with balloon strings, most clearly seen here (i REALLY need new boots... doc martens won't cut it for summer)
annnd this is what my hair is doing. it's straight purple in a lot of places.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

i know what you want, but you're never gonna get it so you might as well forget it.

$5 goodwill. i have to de-shoulder-pad so i dont look so much like a ridiculous southern belle and maybe do some magic waist manipulation
$15 h&m
this one has been an object of lust for a while. i know my bra straps are tacky
i just wish the sleeve was on the other side so it would show of my tattoo :c
i snatched this up since it was on sale. it needs a belt but i'm in love with it
princess dress x-treem
I DYED MY HAIR AGAIN LOL i put it up today but the ends are blue. i look like a rocket pop
sparkly sparkly dress $5 from goodwill

this is my yo-landi vi$$er costume
which i will totally wear all day someday
maybe a lot of days
title: from $copie by die antwoord

Friday, April 8, 2011

i am addicted to...

  • ebay
  • sheer clothing - dresses and shirts especially
  • leather
  • lace
  • leather and lace together
  • the ''torn up'' look. i have to do that whole pretend-to-eat thing for a few weeks before i can rock this for summer but i'm looking forward to seriously slashing some shit up.
  • faking diy. i'm terrible at that shit but i do what i can.
  • denial
  • etsy
  • black dresses - seriously i have so many it doesn't even make sense and every time i find one that's just a little bit more interesting than something i might already have i have to buy it. it is ridiculous
  • chapstick. i have five different kinds of chapstick in my purse tell me how necessary that is
  • search and destroy (above)
i'm thinking of starting some sort of diary or journal. i tend to shy away from writing things about my real emotions that aren't complete euphemisms, and i need something to tell my secrets to. i'm very particular about what sort of notebook i need for particular things though, so the search continues.

something i wrote for intro fiction that has no place on this blog but its my blog and i'll do what i want (goshh)

I had no doubt that she would have been a girl, and that I would have named her Lola Harlequin in the way that most young girls think that if they had a baby they would name it something like a fantasy or a dream and then they do and then the poor child is forever marked as a mistake in the back of a pick-up truck or in a breathless bedroom, silent so the front door can interrupt. And I, in literary conceit, with no drop of Spanish in my blood, would have called her Lolita. With a name like that something terrible could happen to the poor thing, but I wouldn’t have thought of it like that. And her daddy would have left and I wouldn’t have cared because I’d have had my Lo. Lolalitalilola.

I would have dropped out and everyone would have talked but no more than they did anyway. I would have endured the disappointment of my family, endured knowing that I was the promising child no longer. I would have locked myself in with the sweet thing and touched her little fingers and little toes and gone nowhere in life but I would have had something with me that had my blood in it. But, with no tears, I got in the car with my parents and drove to the north end of the state and left what was already made of little Lo there, without ever knowing her face.

There are some afternoons that are greyer than most, when I ask all the questions that will never make it past my lips, when I tell myself all of the things I’ve never told anyone. Her father is miles away and his face and name are like acid at the back of my tongue. I am here, and I am now, and there is rain coming down in little specks that dot the pages of the book I am trying to read, and I smile at the sky because it is like London.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

the pros and cons of fantasy hair

"fantasy hair" is a term which i believe was coined by one of my fashion icons, doe deere of lime crime.
i love lime crime. i own one lipstick and that is all. i am not a huge fan of lipstick because i am a huge fan of kissing and those things seem to get in the way of each other, but i digress.

i have had my red hair for about six months now, and i've learned a lot about how it changes the way some things are.

some awesome things about having bright red hair:
  • lots of compliments and positive attention. most of the complements i get are from older people and children, which is not at all what i was expecting, but i love it!
  • it's fairly unique and makes a statement.
  • i'm comfortable going out without makeup with my red hair. i don't know why that is but i embrace it.
  • it feels more me than anything else is.
  • it's like a beacon. if anyone's having trouble finding me even with my massive height, the hair will help.
some less awesome things about having bright hair:
  • basically everything i rest my head on turns pink, which is really annoying. i feel like i didn't have this problem as much with manic panic as i do with special effects, which i guess makes sense because of the clear difference in color payoff. i wish this wasn't the case though. it could be because my hair has a lot of natural oils, but i'm still trying to figure out a quick fix for this.
  • while some people think my hair is very on-trend, some people think it means i am a vagrant or a hooligan, and treat me as such.
  • something about bright red/pink hair seems to scream to men, "lookatmelookatmelookatmybutt. make a comment. MAKE A SEXUAL COMMENT. DO IT."
  • the maintenance, while not a huge deal, is definitely a lot more than what i had to do when i had brown hair. granted, i've never really been one to spend much time on my hair.

one thing I can tell you is you got to be free

socks-betsey johnson
dress-vintage from rag & bone

this is what i look like without makeup on. hgngh

it was really nice out today, which is why i celebrated with this dress. i actually saw it first when i went to rag & bone last october (it's in my hometown, and i only visit from college occasionally). i looked at it, decided it was too expensive, and moved on.
when i went back over spring break, it was still there.
and because it was still there, it had been marked down. to fifteen dollars. which is something even i can afford.

so here it is.

lyrics from come together by the beatles.
this is by far the best beatles cover i have ever heard in my life. my general philosophy is that no one should cover certain artists - the beatles, bob dylan - because it amounts to sacrilege. however, this girl is perfect.
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