Sunday, April 3, 2011

the pros and cons of fantasy hair

"fantasy hair" is a term which i believe was coined by one of my fashion icons, doe deere of lime crime.
i love lime crime. i own one lipstick and that is all. i am not a huge fan of lipstick because i am a huge fan of kissing and those things seem to get in the way of each other, but i digress.

i have had my red hair for about six months now, and i've learned a lot about how it changes the way some things are.

some awesome things about having bright red hair:
  • lots of compliments and positive attention. most of the complements i get are from older people and children, which is not at all what i was expecting, but i love it!
  • it's fairly unique and makes a statement.
  • i'm comfortable going out without makeup with my red hair. i don't know why that is but i embrace it.
  • it feels more me than anything else is.
  • it's like a beacon. if anyone's having trouble finding me even with my massive height, the hair will help.
some less awesome things about having bright hair:
  • basically everything i rest my head on turns pink, which is really annoying. i feel like i didn't have this problem as much with manic panic as i do with special effects, which i guess makes sense because of the clear difference in color payoff. i wish this wasn't the case though. it could be because my hair has a lot of natural oils, but i'm still trying to figure out a quick fix for this.
  • while some people think my hair is very on-trend, some people think it means i am a vagrant or a hooligan, and treat me as such.
  • something about bright red/pink hair seems to scream to men, "lookatmelookatmelookatmybutt. make a comment. MAKE A SEXUAL COMMENT. DO IT."
  • the maintenance, while not a huge deal, is definitely a lot more than what i had to do when i had brown hair. granted, i've never really been one to spend much time on my hair.


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