Thursday, April 14, 2011

i know what you want, but you're never gonna get it so you might as well forget it.

$5 goodwill. i have to de-shoulder-pad so i dont look so much like a ridiculous southern belle and maybe do some magic waist manipulation
$15 h&m
this one has been an object of lust for a while. i know my bra straps are tacky
i just wish the sleeve was on the other side so it would show of my tattoo :c
i snatched this up since it was on sale. it needs a belt but i'm in love with it
princess dress x-treem
I DYED MY HAIR AGAIN LOL i put it up today but the ends are blue. i look like a rocket pop
sparkly sparkly dress $5 from goodwill

this is my yo-landi vi$$er costume
which i will totally wear all day someday
maybe a lot of days
title: from $copie by die antwoord


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