Wednesday, September 21, 2011

day 20 - a picture of somewhere you'd love to travel

man, i'm really falling off the wagon with these things.
i've been blessed with parents who have a love for travel and the means to do so. every city i've been to (except paris and geneva, which i did not like much) has something amazing to it, something that i really and truly love. this question was hard for me as i'm definitely a city girl and i've been to so many amazing ones already.
but i have never been to japan.
and tokyo looks, sounds... incredible.
i'm not sure how well i'd do there (i always worry, when i go to countries that don't speak english primarily, if i'll be able to find anything to eat/communicate that i'm a vegetarian) but god, i'd love to go someday.

and from the flames appears salome

Monday, September 19, 2011

can we just talk about tatty devine for a second

tatty devine has been one of my favourite brands for a while, and while i only own a few pieces i want many, many, many more.
they're a bit expensive but totally quality and completely worth it.
if i had money infinity, this is what i'd want from tatty.

batmosphere necklace because what teen witch would be complete without it?
siamese cat brooch because KITTIES!
dinosaur necklace because then maybe i could get into the jeremy scott afterparty
cockney necklace because it is hilarious. ali wants this one too but it's a bit too girly for him to pull off i think
lobster necklace because all i have ever wanted is a giant lobster hanging out around my neck.
volume brooch because it goes to 11!
cat bangle also because kitties, but additionally because i just want about twelve of these in different colours so i can just clack around with an arm full of cats. i have three of the rings (orange, white, and black) and they would look so cute worn together

it doesn't matter cos i'm packing plastic, and that's what makes my life so fucking fantastic.

i know i know i know i know i know shut up you guys
i'm busy or something. i haven't had a moment clear enough to do this. but whatever here i am now so there you go. ISN'T THIS WHAT YOU WANTED.
skirt - gift last seen here
bracelets - st marks idk exactly where
ring - from nubambu
tank top - from when i was like 12 last seen here
libertines sweater last seen here
necklace was my grandma's
invalid here but theres so much shit i need to do and half of it is really abstract things like "lose weight" and "be happy" and "drink more water". oops
but heyy i'm working on it. and my friend visited over the weekend and got the record player working so, hey, david bowie live, you know how it is.
on an unrelated note the title is from the fear by lily allen
i'm realizing that because of the formatting of the blog links are basically invisible after i publish something unless you go on a treasure hunt with your cursor so i'll fix that to the best of my ability as i am not the queen of html.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

neww ring

neww most fab thing i own. it's titanium aura quartz.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


so i didn't go to fno. instead i did this.
i'll start updating when i feel less like a train wreck

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

just in time for fashion's night out!!

the lipsticks i ordered from limecrime came!
i'm already familiar with the quality of limecrime, having worn retrofuturist to my cousin's wedding in january. it lasted all day and i was really impressed. so, when it came to planning my fashion's night out makeup, i knew exactly where i was going.
the purple-grey is chinchilla and the grey is styletto.
chinchilla is described as grey with lavender undertones, but i think it looks more like a muted purple.
i really love both colours, although i think styletto with my hair makes me look a little less haute and a little more gothy-punk, although i might not necessarily mind, depending on the occasion.

sorry for the shitty pictures. my face isn't doing what i want it to today.

there's a fire at sea parks!

i can't believe i haven't blogged about this dress before, it's one of the things i just throw on all the time. i got it when i was giving away a lot of my clothes before i came here, and two of my friends came over and we did something of a clothing swap.
i'm pretty sure it's from the 90s. it looks like it anyway.
bracelet - westfield mall
necklace - artsfest 2010
headband - h&m. i keep wearing this headband lately, especially when i'm too lazy to shower
rings - reminiscence and tatty devine

if anyone knows what the title is referencing you are my best friend.
ali just looked over my shoulder and said ''there's a fire at sea parks'' in an irish accent, so i guess he is my best friend now.

Monday, September 5, 2011

day 19 - a picture and a letter

dear you -
i'm sorry i did what i did. i didn't think about it; i'm a very selfish person and i guess i made that obvious.
i hope everything is wonderful.
love, me.

don't want cash, don't want cards. want it fast, want it hard

 face - duckface
shirt - from when i was like 12
shorts - from h&m a few years ago
necklace - here on etsy and time turner

 boots - wanted
eyeliner - bit of an amy tribute

title - from oh no! by marina and the diamonds

Friday, September 2, 2011

give a way

giveaways are kind of the best, and i never seem lucky enough to win them.
this is an entry for an incredible ring! if i don't win it maybe one of you will :)
i'm debating doing an outfit post tonight but i'm too lazy to put on makeup and i just ate too many doritos, so we'll see
but anyway, this giveaway (click those words) is really cute and stuff so maybe check it out.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

drunk blogging no typos 2011 yeahhhajhbadfgnhjag

dress - h&m
necklaces - etsy and tatty devine
skirt - reminiscence
bracelets - camden locks
ring - reminiscence

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