Monday, September 19, 2011

it doesn't matter cos i'm packing plastic, and that's what makes my life so fucking fantastic.

i know i know i know i know i know shut up you guys
i'm busy or something. i haven't had a moment clear enough to do this. but whatever here i am now so there you go. ISN'T THIS WHAT YOU WANTED.
skirt - gift last seen here
bracelets - st marks idk exactly where
ring - from nubambu
tank top - from when i was like 12 last seen here
libertines sweater last seen here
necklace was my grandma's
invalid here but theres so much shit i need to do and half of it is really abstract things like "lose weight" and "be happy" and "drink more water". oops
but heyy i'm working on it. and my friend visited over the weekend and got the record player working so, hey, david bowie live, you know how it is.
on an unrelated note the title is from the fear by lily allen
i'm realizing that because of the formatting of the blog links are basically invisible after i publish something unless you go on a treasure hunt with your cursor so i'll fix that to the best of my ability as i am not the queen of html.


Laura said...

David Bowie live? HELL YEAH!

nice outfit, too.

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