Wednesday, September 21, 2011

day 20 - a picture of somewhere you'd love to travel

man, i'm really falling off the wagon with these things.
i've been blessed with parents who have a love for travel and the means to do so. every city i've been to (except paris and geneva, which i did not like much) has something amazing to it, something that i really and truly love. this question was hard for me as i'm definitely a city girl and i've been to so many amazing ones already.
but i have never been to japan.
and tokyo looks, sounds... incredible.
i'm not sure how well i'd do there (i always worry, when i go to countries that don't speak english primarily, if i'll be able to find anything to eat/communicate that i'm a vegetarian) but god, i'd love to go someday.


Don't Think Twice said...

i would like to go there tooT.T

xoxo dear! :)

D♥R said...

I'm also veggie..And Tokyo (have never been there) But it sure sounds amazing!

It's Carmen said...

I love to travel as well! It's crazy you didn't enjoy Paris, but to each their own, right? I've been to Paris twice and really enjoyed myself, the view, the food. I'm vegetarian too! It was a little tricky to find food I could eat, but at the same time, not as difficult as other places I've been to!

Gabriel said...

hell yeah! tokyo's always been one of my dream places to visit (soon). the sheer madness of the city must be awesome.

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