Wednesday, September 7, 2011

there's a fire at sea parks!

i can't believe i haven't blogged about this dress before, it's one of the things i just throw on all the time. i got it when i was giving away a lot of my clothes before i came here, and two of my friends came over and we did something of a clothing swap.
i'm pretty sure it's from the 90s. it looks like it anyway.
bracelet - westfield mall
necklace - artsfest 2010
headband - h&m. i keep wearing this headband lately, especially when i'm too lazy to shower
rings - reminiscence and tatty devine

if anyone knows what the title is referencing you are my best friend.
ali just looked over my shoulder and said ''there's a fire at sea parks'' in an irish accent, so i guess he is my best friend now.


Laura said...

argh!love crazy bright 90s stuff!

franklyn.spence said...

you are a funny gal.x

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