Monday, October 29, 2012

nothing in between me and the rain

 camping out (makeup-free and groggy) in my kitchen in prep for hurricane sandy!
i have plenty of water and supplies and some friends from the evac zone who are staying over. i'm smack in the middle of manhattan so i should be safe.
i hope everyone stays inside & safe if you're on the east coast!
my hair is like five colours right now. orange, pink, red... i'm into it :)


Friday, October 26, 2012

i was a skeleton all along

 these kneecaps don't come anywhere close to my knees.
the pains of being a tall skeleton.


Friday, October 19, 2012

i didn't make a deal with the devil

this time last year i did nothing more than sit on my ass. i was miserable.
now i'm going to the gym five times a week, slowly working on improving myself and my self-esteem.
this time last year i was rarely sober for a day at a time.
i've not had a drink in ten months.
this time last year i was smoking half a pack a day.
i finally quit a few months back.
this time last year i didn't know what the fuck i was doing with my life.
today i'm working towards a degree in psychology and a career in helping people who are mentally ill.
this time last year i was stuck in a manipulative, heartbreaking relationship that i was too scared to leave because i didn't want to be alone.
today i can call one of the most wonderful and beautiful people i know my girlfriend, and the coolest dude in the world my best friend. today i can make a phone call and get coffee or dinner with any of my wonderful, beautiful friends, or i can spend the night alone. i can do what i want to do. i have that chance now.

i'm sorry i haven't been blogging much. i started it as an outlet that i don't need nearly as much anymore, which is sort of unfortunate because i really do enjoy keeping up with everyone i've met this way. i just wanted to share my progress so far--i can't believe how much has changed in the past year. i'm incredibly, incandescently happy. 

and i got a bat sweater.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

took some pre-comiccon pictures

 one of my cosplays is the scarlet witch & my friend is going as her twin brother quicksilver
yes yes yes :)


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

sister i'm not much a poet but a criminal and you never had a chance

i have wanted a pair of these skeleton jammies since gerard way wore them in that life on the murder scene dvd (mcrmy where u at) which i first watched when i was like...thirteen maybe?
now i'm 20 and here it issss

 its real comfy but man am i tall

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