Monday, October 29, 2012

nothing in between me and the rain

 camping out (makeup-free and groggy) in my kitchen in prep for hurricane sandy!
i have plenty of water and supplies and some friends from the evac zone who are staying over. i'm smack in the middle of manhattan so i should be safe.
i hope everyone stays inside & safe if you're on the east coast!
my hair is like five colours right now. orange, pink, red... i'm into it :)



Meghan Edge said...

yeah, we're prepping our windows now, but luckily we're on a hill (no flooding?) in a victorian row home in Philly so hopefully it'll be like a fortress in here. You be safe, darling!

Daniel said...

Hope nothing goes wrong !!nothing WILL!! Your hair is fireee !! XX

Laura Morrigan said...

Hope everyone is ok.I like all the colours in your hair! and I like your skelly top and hood! I need one like that!

Laura Morrigan said...

I like the song!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear!I hope everything is going well!
A big hug!

Meghan Edge said...

Hey honey- Let us know when you can that you're safe. Even though we are only blog buddies, I'm worried about you.

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