Wednesday, October 3, 2012

sister i'm not much a poet but a criminal and you never had a chance

i have wanted a pair of these skeleton jammies since gerard way wore them in that life on the murder scene dvd (mcrmy where u at) which i first watched when i was like...thirteen maybe?
now i'm 20 and here it issss

 its real comfy but man am i tall



Hazel said...

gosh the memories...
this song. those jammies.
i haven't heard it in so long, but i still know the goddamn thing like the back of my hand.

as always, it's wonderful and refreshing to see your posts.


Anonymous said...

Lovely!!I'd love to have one of these jammies too!
So glad that your dream come true!!

Melissa said...

kinda obsessed with that look so adorable.

<3 Melissa

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