Monday, September 19, 2011

can we just talk about tatty devine for a second

tatty devine has been one of my favourite brands for a while, and while i only own a few pieces i want many, many, many more.
they're a bit expensive but totally quality and completely worth it.
if i had money infinity, this is what i'd want from tatty.

batmosphere necklace because what teen witch would be complete without it?
siamese cat brooch because KITTIES!
dinosaur necklace because then maybe i could get into the jeremy scott afterparty
cockney necklace because it is hilarious. ali wants this one too but it's a bit too girly for him to pull off i think
lobster necklace because all i have ever wanted is a giant lobster hanging out around my neck.
volume brooch because it goes to 11!
cat bangle also because kitties, but additionally because i just want about twelve of these in different colours so i can just clack around with an arm full of cats. i have three of the rings (orange, white, and black) and they would look so cute worn together


Don't Think Twice said...

ohhh!! so lovely necklaces!!! like so much the first one!!

nice blog^^

xoxo dear! :)

Laura said...

wow their stuff is ingenious! i want these so bad! especially the lobster! i could wear it with a salvador dali lobster dress if i had one!

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