Wednesday, April 27, 2011

you are the queen of the superficial, how long before you tell the truth?

these first two photos are what i wore yesterday. die antwoord shirt (somewhat poorly) diyed by me, shorts from forever21 ages and ages ago, oscar wilde earrings from etsy. i wore those bitches to prom.
the hairclip that you can barely see was a gift from my grandmother when i was a baby, but i didn't have enough hair to wear it for another few years. it says my name. full name. well, full first name. in rainbow letters.

balloons courtesy the best person in my life, who got me six and popped one. i popped another one myself with a cigarette. there used to be a rainbow, but i am content with the four i have - they're the best colours, anyway.
they're wilting though.
dress - modcloth - it was originally like 200 dollars but i got it in the ~~secret sale and with a gift card so it was basically free.
bullet necklace - search and destroy, $12 which is REALLY FUCKING REASONABLE for a bullet necklace considering the ones at urban outfitters are fucking thirty dollars. seriously?
yes i did wear this insane amount of tulle to class.
this picture makes my feet look INSANE. i swear they are normal feet just kind of big, it's the angle or something but i do not have weird seal/duck feet.
never mind the feet... here's the sex pistols!
or, more accurately, here are the greatest shoes of my life. they are vivienne westwood and my wonderful mother sent them to me as an easter present. they smell like plastic but who cares? they have wings! like hermes! and they make me about six foot three!
they're remarkably easy to walk in, i was convinced i'd strap them on and faceplant, but they're really comfortable and no more difficult than clomping around in doc martens.
title from supermassive black hole by muse. why are three of the first five youtube results for this song twilight videos?


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