Friday, April 8, 2011

i am addicted to...

  • ebay
  • sheer clothing - dresses and shirts especially
  • leather
  • lace
  • leather and lace together
  • the ''torn up'' look. i have to do that whole pretend-to-eat thing for a few weeks before i can rock this for summer but i'm looking forward to seriously slashing some shit up.
  • faking diy. i'm terrible at that shit but i do what i can.
  • denial
  • etsy
  • black dresses - seriously i have so many it doesn't even make sense and every time i find one that's just a little bit more interesting than something i might already have i have to buy it. it is ridiculous
  • chapstick. i have five different kinds of chapstick in my purse tell me how necessary that is
  • search and destroy (above)
i'm thinking of starting some sort of diary or journal. i tend to shy away from writing things about my real emotions that aren't complete euphemisms, and i need something to tell my secrets to. i'm very particular about what sort of notebook i need for particular things though, so the search continues.


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