Monday, December 20, 2010

the hair the hair the hair the HAIR

so it's been a while.
you might recall that this is what i looked like before:

times have changed, children. i needed something different and it occurred to me that i am sans parental supervision, for the most part, and sans massive amounts of parental judgment and lecturing, plus i have always really, really wanted to dye my hair.
so i did.
several months ago, actually, but we'll get to that. anyway, this is my most recent b̶l̶o̶w̶ dye job, as of tonight:
it's special effects in devilish.
actually, before today i'd been using manic panic in pillarbox red. people had been telling me for a while to try special effects but i am a creature of habit and adamantly refused because, hey, what worked worked.
but i like this. it's better. it's bigger. it's brighter.
go big or go home.
i had to dye it immediately, and tonight, because up until about an hour ago i looked like a weasley:
not that there's anything wrong with being a weasley. it's just not me, man.

so, why red? why why why why why
well that's a good question.
i think the 90s are red, in the same way the 80s are day-glo purple and the 70s are that weird brownish greeny orange and the 60s are the colour of good, fresh dirt and the 2000s are chrome but wish they were platinum.
and i love the 90s.
i also love dyed hair.
and not being what people expect.
because yeah, i have bright red hair. it's in your fucking face. but i can still carry on a conversation about postmodern literature, and i've never shoplifted, and i listen to beethoven and i like fashion. i eat couture for breakfast, man.
so this isn't really about clothes, but i guess you got a glimpse of what i wear to bed, as it's four in the morning right now and finals has forced me into this weird sleep schedule that i can't seem to break out of even though the semester is over and i only have one more paper to do which needs to be emailed to my professor before 11 tonight.
ah well.
here are some people who have absolutely nailed the bright red look. i love them.


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