Wednesday, December 22, 2010

more hair stuff

so i still really love my hair. the one issue i have with it is that when it gets wet, dye runs everywhere, and it makes my skin kind of streaky pink. which is weird. but honestly i love the colour so much it's worth it. i dyed it two nights ago, haven't washed it yet (don't worry, i'm about to) but it hasn't faded at all, hasn't lost any of it's i-just-dyed-this vibrancy.
sorry about the covering-my-face thing. i didn't wear makeup today and it's 3:30 in the morning and i just don't want to deal. OKAY?!
ridiculous head thing: forever21, on sale for $3. couldn't find an exact match on the website but it's similar to this
i really don't like forever21. really do not. but i love their hair stuff. i didn't realize when i first dyed my hair that i was going to be limiting my clothing options, but i totally am - there's this really cute dress i own with tigers on it that i haven't been able to wear since i went red because it clashes with the orange - but forever21 has a really great collection of black hair accessories. and a lot of them are pretty fucking cute. like this. and this. and this.
yes, sometimes i do think i am lady gaga.
for contrast, this is me maybe a couple of washes after i dyed with manic panic as opposed to special effects.
yes i know i'm a charming little girl, you don't have to tell me.
that shirt's... uh, well, it's star trek. and i got it from sending in cereal labels.

i've just found a picture of right after having dyed my hair (not the first time, for a touch-up) with the manic panic. here it is:
the shirt is from the very famous designer "the pittsburgh penguins". they're super couture.
the difference is kind of incredible, isn't it? i don't know why i was too fucking stubborn to try special effects to begin with. i feel like manic panic is sort of "the thing to do". i'd never really heard of special effects before.
welp, i guess i've converted.
i should go to bed. i'm on winter break, but finals made me nocturnal and it's becoming impossible for me to sleep like a normal person... that and i've just started playing world of warcraft (I KNOW I KNOW SHUT UP). shit's insane.
xo xo xo xo xo


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