Friday, December 24, 2010

whoa mistletoe (it's growing cold) i'm seeing ghosts (i'm drinking old)... red water, red water, red water chase them away

i have this room to myself while my family's in florida and it's kind of fantastic - i'm used to dorming so it's a welcome change.
i have to remember to take my photos for tomorrow on the balcony, where there is actual SUN.
dress - h&m, last seen here
necklace - harry potter! around $20 from hot topic but now sold out
boots - wanted, last seen here
excuse my unevenly-coloured face, i'm refusing to wear face make-up for the rest of the year (foundation and etc) in an effort to give my skin some time to rest and whatnot.
this is what my hair looks like after a couple of washes. it's still bright and i still love it, although it does dye my shower water a scary psycho-esque red. ah well.
for the record, this is what florida looks like on christmas eve.
this is the first christmas in my life i haven't spent in chicago, and it's kind of nice. but i really just want to get back home.

title: red water (christmas mourning) by type o negative


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