Thursday, March 31, 2011

look what i'm offering you... your dreams

i'm not really. if i was the goblin king i would totally give you that rodarte dress that you want (and keep being outbid on on ebay) or those vivienne westwood shoes that would make all your princess dreams come true, but i'm not and i can't.
i'll let you in on a secret... wearing this, despite the tutu, makes me feel masculine. i hate that i can't wear something not completely nauseatingly girly without being like "huh, this makes me feel like a dude." and this is a girl's hoodie... it's just not as form-fitting, i guess, as i'm used to from my clothes.

it's one of the reasons i don't wear pants. that, and being six feet tall does not make pants love one. on these legs most pants make me look like i'm preparing for flood season.
that is a bag of candy.
sweatshirt - from hot topic at least five years ago.
skirt - forever 21. last seen here
tights - american apparel. last seen here
shoes - dolce vita for target hah ahha ha ha hahahah ha.
this is why all those shots didn't have my face in them. i guess i sort of negated the sentiment though. i'm trying to prepare my skin for being foundation-free. i want to wean myself off of it. it is difficult because i am insecure.
my nails are cool. i got that crackle polish that everyone's been wanting and no one seems to have. i can't stop using it. i'm going to run out soon.

nerdicus maximus.
and now for the possibility of something completely different.
what's weird is that i'm a little nervous about changing my hair colour. i know, it's bright fucking red, and i did it on a whim last september and haven't looked back since. (in fact, the six-month anniversary of me being a redhead, with about two weeks around thanksgiving of straying back to my roots, is right about now.)
but yellow? and blue?! good god... how extreme. i bought them because i know someday i'm going to have the balls or the lack of self control and just dye the shit out of my hair, but no promises as to when that might be.


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