Friday, March 4, 2011


seche vite topcoat. i always, ALWAYS fucked up my manicures before i got this, often to the point of making my nails a sticky mess and needing to repaint them. seche vite dries in like two minutes so i don't have to walk around holding my hands in the air like fucking snow white or something.
lincoln park after dark by opi: i'm not joking when i say i always wear this nail polish... no matter what look i do i incorporate this colour, either matte or normal. it is perfect perfection.
sally hansen midnight in ny: limited edition so i got two bottles. perfect black with multi glitter, not huge and obnoxious but subtle and just barely noticeable. so, basically, perfect. most of the reviews i've read of this say it sucks because it takes three coats, which is true, but it's not that big of a deal to me and the colour is really unique, so i think it's worth it.
special effects hair dye in devilish. i used to use manic panic which faded fast and faded ORANGE. no love. people kept telling me to use special effects, and i finally listened, and everyone was right - it is wonderful, lasts long, and is the perfect shade of jane goldman pinky red. she apparently uses a colour called poppy by directions, but i love special effects and it's not that expensive.

one thing i still use by manic panic is their bleach. i have to bleach my hair every couple months (due for another bleach-out soon, before my next dye job) and manic panic's is easy to use, not too expensive, and effective.
urban decay eyeliner in zero: the only true perfect black.
lola marc jacobs and butterfly flower from bath and body works are my favourite scents.
eos lip balms are my favourite. i carry around five kinds of lip balm at all times - along with two shades of lipstick and a lipstick primer (yes i am crazy sometimes) - and i have eos in lemon drop and mint, and they are incredible. and sooo cute. rosebud salve, too, i use in the morning and at night.


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