Friday, March 4, 2011

queen of the rats

no makeup alert those who are easily offended should likely not carry on
my hair is much bigger than usual today... i twisted it all up in tiny claw clips, wet it a bit, let it dry, looked like an alien, brushed out out and felt better.
shirt - from etsy seller rockontheworld for i believe $17... they're on a break right now but hopefully they'll be back soon. i am in love with this shirt
tutu - from sockdreams, $16. i bought the white one of these (out of character, i know, but i'm glad i did it!) and a longer black one that i believe was on sale a the time... surprisingly i like this one better. hmmm.
leggings - accidentally acquired from a friend who i loaned a similar pair to earlier in the year - he gave these to me thinking they were mine, but i don't mind because we've since decided the trade should be permanent as he likes mine better and i like these better. don't know where they're from, but according to him they're "french".
necklace and bracelet - the usual, gift/chain + vertebra


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