Thursday, March 3, 2011

for what it's worth, i'd tear the sun in three to light up your eyes.

the one thing i don't like about this dress is that there's no hook in the back at the top of my zipper... which makes this happen... which is not so classy.
dress - $18 - search and destroy
necklace - chain and coyote vertebra
bracelet - gift
punctuation tights - $25(!) from american apparel
the tights were expensive as all hell, but they're good quality - aren't itchy - and most importantly, i've worn them twice so far and both times gotten multiple compliments, somewhat surprising since they're american apparel and therefore mass produced, i'd assume they'd be more common but i've never seen them on anyone else. which i like. and i love punctuation. my favourite is the ampersand closely followed by the semicolon.
this dress is one of my many black-lace dresses, i bought this with the intention of cutting the underlayer in pieces so its a bit more risque and edgy, but i kind of like how it looks... maybe it'll get a makeover once it gets a bit warmer though. it's fucking freezing out today.
title - from for what it's worth by placebo


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