Tuesday, March 1, 2011

my room/where i keep my shit

this is my room. excuse:
a) weird angles, because i was trying not to get any of my roommate's stuff in. she's great and i don't want her shit all up in the internet without her knowing... even if no one reads this. i should note that i'm reluctant to blog about friends, relationships, etc. because no one i know "in real life" knows about this blog (except you, charlie) and i don't want it to be like WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT ME ON THE INTERNET?! if they ever find it.
b) blurry photos, took these 4 minutes after i should have left for class because i realized by the time i got back all the light would be gone. also, i have a really, really nice camera and a really, really shaky grasp of how to make it take good pictures.
and c) the fact that i live in new york city. in a dorm. dorms are small. new york city apartments are small. new york city dorms are about as small as a room can get without legally being considered a prison cell.
i just made that up. i don't think there are legal standards for a prison cell.
this is my wall, and my bed, and my nice red leather wallet my mom got me from the union square christmas market. everything on that wall has been given to me by someone, the two photos on the left are prints of shots i posed for for my friend miguel (oops just broke my friend rule...)
my drawers and also where i keep my shoes (under my bed). i REALLY need to do something about the leakage. clockwise from top left - shirts, dresses, pjs/shorts, underwear/tights. note that i have more underwear/tights than anything else.
schoolbooks. artfully arranged. one boot. pillow. glimpse of carousel skirt.
nail polish and schizophrenic self-deprecating post-its. such is the cost of being a writer and a little crazy.
necklaces. not by any means all of them, but the ones i wear most often.
make-up. i have not a TON of the stuff, but i definitely have more than i use. the stuff on the top of the leopard print case (including that little leopard bag) are the things i actually use.
closet - where i keep belts, sunglasses, bags, et cetera. desperately in need of a cleaning out.
mom's bathrobe from the '90s + "fuck you" bag from search and destroy
dresses. this is, believe it or not, about ten times better than my closet looked a couple of weeks ago - at least everything is on a hanger and not, say, stuffed up between the bar and the top of the closet because i'm out of space.
this is my desk. books mostly, diet pills, jewelry/make-up/perfume/tape/notebooks/bird light. et cetera.
this is not everything that lives in this box, but this is everything i got (for a grand total of about $25) from e.l.f. recently. i'm happy because i got quite a few things (such as cuticle pushers) that i've been sort of wanting for a while but haven't wanted to blow money on. everything on e.l.f. is so cheap and really quite good-quality.
and this is my make-up box itself... i love leopard. love it LOVE IT.


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