Tuesday, May 8, 2012

my daddy told me theres a lot of fish in the sea, but theres just a lot of motherfucking money, bitches, and weed

 my tights are ribbed as fuck
 why do i always have crazy eyes
vintage hairclip from ebay
my shorts have a cemetary on them
yours don't
they are from rockin bones clothing aw yiss
the shirt was on sale sale sale at urban outfitters
which is the only reason i really buy stuff from there to be honest, their prices are so jacked but their sales tend to be really nice

i feel like ive already used this in a post title



Anonymous said...

I'm crying, so beautiful,they look so good on you!!!
Cemetary hot pants you'll be mine on next sales even if you could make my a** look like a 'fatty boom boom'!!

Daniel said...

! always looking cool! awesome shorts

Charlie Wilkins said...

You are astoundingly pretty.

Shybiker said...

Love the post-title. And, yes, your shorts have a cemetary on them and mine don't -- which proves you're cooler than me.

Magnet said...

hahaha, so agree, UO prices for the quality are terrible, I'd only buy anything from there on sale.

Laura said...

yep, I'm jealous of your shorts! I want your tshirt too! I can't find it on the site. nooo!

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