Friday, May 25, 2012

being human is weird

and no i'm not talking about the show although that's kinda weird too

four months ago i was at one of the lowest points i've ever been. and now i feel so so so much better about my life and the direction it's going in and the people i'm surrounding myself with. i honestly can't believe that less than a year ago i was fully prepared to drink myself to death. i'd absolutely given up and i really don't think i wanted to live. i know i didn't want to think.

and now, now, now... i've given up most of my vices (still haven't quit smoking... it's fucking tough but i'm working on it) and i feel creative and brilliant and yeah bad shit has happened but i can't let it get me down because i know how i'll be if i do and that's the biggest motivator i've got right now.
i hope all you mice have a wonderful wonderful long weekend!



Laura Morrigan said...

yeah, being human sure is weird! wow, you've done so well, and you're still doing well! Proud of you- even though I don't technically know you! Yeah, life is shit sometimes, but yeah, sometimes it is good! And you are an interesting awesome chick, so keep it up!

Shybiker said...

You're turned the corner! Usually, having a good attitude makes all the difference. There are times I've felt bad like you describe and other times that I felt great. It's strange how that can be.

They did a study of people who were stopped from jumping off the Golden Gate bridge. They wanted to see if it made sense to stop people from committing suicide since most believe that those depressed people will simply try again. The study showed that most people stopped from killing themselves do NOT try again. Being saved gave them another chance to look at life differently. And it's how we view life that affects everything.

MuffinCannibal said...

I'm happy that you're in a better point right now ;)
And my fingers crossed for your givin' up with smoking!
I've followed you ;>


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