Wednesday, February 9, 2011

lick your cigarette and then kiss me

this is a pretty good view of how much my hair has faded since i dyed it almost a month ago. i'm pretty impressed, actually - manic panic fades a lot faster, and into something a lot more orange than pink. i'm kind of into the pink but i definitely think i need a redye soon.
for some reason i always get that weird halo of lighter colour around my head when my hair dye starts to fade... like a gradient, it's darker close to my scalp, then there's a ring of paler pink, then the rest of my hair is darker. weird...?
the sun is deceptive. it is FUCKING COLD. tights are from somewhere in london, camden town is likely, donno how much they were.
belt - h&m, $10ish, last seen here
sweater - search and destroy, $18. last seen here
dress - charlotte russe, on sale a yearish ago for around $10, last seen here
hairclip - probably like $5 for a set of 2, h&m
i think i need more sweaters/sweatshirts/hoodies in my life, because i have this one gross one that i wear to bed and i always just want to wear it out (sometimes i do) under my jacket but it's boring and grey, and i grew out of my hoodie phase midway through high school.
this one's good, though, because it has sparkles and sometimes if i'm bored in class and stop focusing my eyes it looks like a galaxy.
bracelet (hidden by sweater) - gift
confession: i have too many clothes. seriously, too many clothes to fit in my closet. (see that little tardis-shaped thing behind me with the black mesh box on top of it? that's my closet. i'll take a picture of the insides for you someday, but trust me, it is not fucking pretty. things are mashed in there all haphazardly and it looks about to explode.)
i need to go to the container store and buy some boxes for the clothes i don't wear as much.
also maybe i should stop buying them?
but that seems so...
i dream of moving out of the dorms and keeping my clothes on a freestanding clothes rack like any true fabric junkie. i want to be able to see them all and touch them all before i decide what to wear, and honestly recently i've been sort of doing what i can because i don't want to be closet-spelunking at 6:45 a.m. when i have to get up for class.
i'm going to stop typing now before i start sounding too much like carrie bradshaw (scary bradshaw?) but not before i tell you that the title of this post comes from no you girls by franz ferdinand.

(i'm thinking of changing the name of my blog but my major problem is to what? i hate what it is right now it seems kind of pretentious i am not really a fashionista or a punk i just have red hair and like to talk about clothes. i dunno. i'll ponder it while i'm in class.)


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