Sunday, September 26, 2010

my heart's a tart, your body's rent

dress - charlotte russe, on sale for probably around $10. it came as a set (the opaque one and the lace one) and was sewn together at the shoulder straps but i did some minor plastic surgery so i could wear them separately... and took off the tag, because whoever decided it was ok to put clothing tags on sheer items is a total asshole.
also i realize visible bra straps are totally gauche and whatnot, i fixed them with a paperclip (yeah yeah ghetto) before i went out.
i didn't really know my elbow could bend like that.
necklace: $5 from a street vendor.
i was wondering if we could just bring back the nineties? that wonderful gothy dark heroin-chic (and no, i am not thin enough to effectively pull off heroin-chic but the sentiment is there).

title: from every you every me by placebo. i am fucking obsessed with placebo. all i listen to is placebo.


Laura said...

I love that song so much! It is so angsty me in the past. I love 90s kinda gothy heroin chic too. I was a goth in like the late 2000s and now that i dont have any of those clothes anymore (mostly late 90s black lace from 2nd hand shops) I really miss them!

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