Wednesday, September 15, 2010

it might destroy me, but i'd sacrifice my body if it meant i'd get the jack part out.

it is so rare that i wear long sleeves, especially with a neckline like this, but it's cold as balls out and i didn't feel like matching tights to anything today.
closeup of sleeve detail and stag beetle necklace.
dress: $5.99 (or less, i seem to remember that it was 50% off or in a buy-one-get-one sale or something but i can't be sure) from goodwill
necklace: $5 from a street vendor
title: from half jack by the dresden dolls, who i am going to see play on halloween (!!) they're my favourite band pretty much of all time and i've seen them a few times and seen amanda palmer (the singer) solo more times but they're finally together again and i am so happy.


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