Monday, September 13, 2010

thats a lousy life for the washed up wife of a permanently plastered, pissed up bastard

lace-shoulder dress from h&m, i want to say it was like $17.99 or something. i wear a lot of black dresses. also my hips are massive. i used to hate that, but now i don't. i don't love it, but i don't know why i'd hate something i so completely can't change, so there's that.
title: from baddie's boogie by babyshambles.
i'm wearing the same boots from strawberry. i love them but i'm not so sure about the quality, i'm afraid that if i wear them on a daily basis like i have been doing they'll fall apart soon.
these are the sunglasses i was talking about in my other post, didn't post a picture of them. i don't know where my brain is at sometimes. i'm obsessed with them. i have the same style in tortoise frames (these ones) and black.


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