Saturday, September 11, 2010

recoil and grace

this is the first post sooo i guess a little about me? i go to school in nyc but i'm from state college, pennsylvania which in my opinion is a little bit of a hellhole. i love new york. i'm majoring in literature and creative writing and i like clothes but i don't like fashion per se. i like nineties and sixties and eighteen hundreds, and i like to dress how i like to dress which can be trendy but doesn't have to be. i love reading, i love nabokov (my tattoo, 'i have only words to play with', is a line from lolita). so, yeah. i don't know why i'm doing this. thought it would be nice? whatever. here we go.

i just got these bracelets for five dollars, they were two each and i was going to buy two and the lady said 'three for five' and ohhkay. they're from a street market that's going on right now really close to where i live, on third street.

oof. i wasn't going to buy any until i saw this one. if anyone reads this you'll eventually discover that i am a huge fucking anglophile.
this one i like because i love new york, i love my city. sorry it's backwards i will deal with those things if i keep this bullshit up.

yeah, sorry about my face. i ran into the wall while i was taking that.
dress: h&m, last year... don't remember how much it was but they don't have it anymore.
scarf: vintage from a rag and bone sale. they're the one place i miss most about living in state college. $1
shoes: strawberry. i was surprised, i went in there not expecting to find anything i liked. they were like $40.
sunglasses: $5 two-for-one from a really great store on 6th i believe, between 11th and 12th? don't quote me on that. it's right by my school.
hairclip: h&m. $5ish for three.
title: from the smashing pumpkins' the beginning is the end is the beginning

i'm going to apologize straight up for some things that i do feel the need to apologize for, and state a few things that i don't feel the need to apologize for. real sorrys first:
have not showered, and laundry day, hence gross hair and hastily-assembled outfit.
now. i am six feet tall and i am not all that thin and honestly i dont have great cheekbones and whatever. but i'm happy about that. so i'm just going to talk about clothes now and... you'll get over it.


Laura said...

I love the scarf and teh dress, and the england bracelet! I love England, the countryside, poets, Victoriana, but I don't think I could live there now, the laws are getting a bit totalitarian. Maybe I will come and live in NYC one day.

I am always running into things. Mostly doors and chairs, and stubbing my toes, but sometimes walls, too.

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