Saturday, September 11, 2010

fashions night out-fit

so yes, i'm cheating a bit because fashion's night out was last night, but it was fabulous. this was taken when i got back (quite late) and i was tired so i started taking off my accessories before i remembered to take a picture. and i didn't get my shoes, oops.
dress: h&m from a while ago, i think it was around $20
hair: done up in one of my two default hair styles (the other one is just loose) with 8 mini claw clips
necklace and rings: real bug jewelry from bazaar outside of central park a few weeks ago, each piece was i think around $5.
shoes: strawberry boots from last night's post.
lipstick: va va violet by revlon, $8
these are the bracelets i wore. the bug ones i'm sure will show up a lot, they are some of my favourite accessories. they cost $10 each at a place whose name escapes me in champaign, illinois. the blue rhinestone was from a street stand on 6th on the way to koreatown, and was also $10.


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