Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i might join your century, but only as a doubtful ghost

i'm double-posting today (if i can get it together before i have to run to class) and i'm coming up with ideas for non-outfit-documenting posts too, like things about nail polish etc. i am no expert but i like what i like
i wore this on monday, took pictures, forgot to post it. bleah
this is pretty basic but i'm posting it here because it is simply one of my favourite outfits of all time. if not my number one favourite. i wear this combination like once a month.
it never fails to give me a little bit of confidence. if i wake up in a bad mood i put on either this dress or these tights and i feel better.
dress - h&m ages ago for like $20. last seen here (but i wear it a lot more than this blog lets on)
thigh highs - $9 from here. i love this website, i seriously would spend all my money there if i could. the tights are one of the few things i have brought with me from my fits of high school-related fashion madness. the striped tights are (or rather, were) an amanda palmer thing (she's moved on from wearing them, i think, but i'm still stuck on them... probably will be forever) and yes i am six feet tall and yes i do have long legs but THEY COULD ALWAYS LOOK LONGER DAMMIT.

necklace - coyote vertebra on really old chain
bracelet - gift
title - from girl anachronism by the dresden dolls - the striped tights are in this video. and love. true love.


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