Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sometimes i forget how serious batman is

here is what is happening right now and why i am not posting:
(i am doing this post because i just realized there are people following me [people i don't know in real life] [real internet people!!] and i dont want you guys to think i am a bad blogger)
1. because school just started, that's important. i don't want to fuck up this semester... even though i have 8 a.m. classes for three days in a row. (and no i did not fuck up last semester dont chew worry)
2. i have to work. i do some writing type stuff (nothing creative, i am not so lucky) which takes a bit of time.
3. world of warcraft. although i just hit the level at which i need to buy burning crusade, so wow might not be a serious problem for a little bit.
4. shopping
5. it's winter. i'm fucking unmotivated. next time i can i'll drink a strong cup of tea with four sugars and post like a madwoman.

and i know what youre saying ''BUT YOU JUST WROTE THIS LIST WHEN YOU COULD HAVE POSTED SOMETHING REAL'' but i am in my pyjamas.
someone took my photo for a fashion blog today so i think maybe i'm doinitrite?
i'll link to it if it gets put up.

my friend miguel took the pictures in this post on fashion's night out. waaaaay back in september.


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