Saturday, January 28, 2012

mouse's school of hard knocks

have you ever stumbled across my blog and wondered, "hey, how much like this random girl am i? i'd really like to know how closely our personalities match!"? 
probably not, but if so, read on, dear ready people!

What do you do when your newly purchased body wash is on your bed when you are in the shower?
A. Use the one I already have in there. Sure, I want to know how the new one works, but it can wait.
B. Run naked and with shampoo- and conditioner-filled hair across your apartment to grab it, even though the one that is already in the shower is half full and the exact same brand, just with a different scent
C. Something clever

What do you do when you accidentally stayed up all night?
A. Take a nap before I get on with my day.
B. Take some sudafed and write a fake quiz for your shitty blog.
C. Something clever

Why did you accidentally stay up all night?
A. I was at a party. Or studying. 
B. I was watching Jackass and looking at people's blogs.
C. Something clever

You have to go grocery shopping. You...
A. Make a list. Buy those things. Maybe some other things if I feel like it.
B. Just buy whatever. Pasta without sauce. Doritos. Sushi. Run out of food two days later.
C. Something clever

Your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other breaks up with you. What do you do?
A. Move on with my life, even if it is a little sad.
B. Continue living some weird half-relationship with them until one of you goes mad. Probably you.
C. Something clever

You just got your period! What do you do?
A. Take care of it discreetly.
B. Bring it up in conversation as much as possible just so everyone knows how gawd-awful your cramps are.
C. Something clever

You are depressed. :c You...
A. Move on with your life. Try to do the things you like to do.
B. Do not leave the house for ten days. Write stupid quizzes for your blog. Don't sleep.
C. Something clever

If you got mostly A's:
Congratulations! You are most likely a real person.
If you got mostly B's:
It is very possible that we are the same person, or at least the same species.
If you got mostly C's:
This isn't the SATs. This is not how you win the test. You are an asshole.


Shybiker said...

I love your blog! Your sense of humor and sensibility match mine perfectly. Plus, since I picked all "B" answers to the quiz, I think we may be sisters.

Are you paraphrasing my favorite singer, Lady Sovereign, with the thank you/fuck you language above the comment box? SOV is the best. I saw her perform live in NYC. She's the biggest midget in the game.

I'm so glad I found your blog!

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