Saturday, January 28, 2012

my first review of something oh lawdy

so i've never done a review of anything before but i just picked up some duwop lip venom from sephora and I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT IT
 this is what my mouth looks like normally
 this is what my mouth looks like with it on
it is tingly, not very sticky, and it smells quite good-sort of cinnamon-y. i really like it. i picked it up for i think $18 at sephora. i'm not sure if it actually makes my lips bigger or if it's just a placebo but i think it looks good. 
i'm not really a lip gloss wearer but it wears nicely, like a clear gloss.
 here is my only problem with it: it's freaking tiny!
this is what the tube it comes in looks like
and this is what the product itself looks like. uhhh there is a bit of a difference here.
i feel like this is kind of misleading. other than that it's pretty good and i would buy again if i had the cash.

here is a close up picture of my mouth oh god it looks weird



Sarah said...

It looks like it works, it gives you a nice pout! :) I agree though, the packaging it huge and it's a bit misleading when there's not much product in it! I thinkthat when it starts to tingle that's when you know it's working. I have a soap and glory one that's meant to make my lips bigger and that tingles too. xo

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