Friday, January 27, 2012

evolution of my pin curls (a story in pictures and words)

 so last night after i got out of the shower i blow-dried my hair. since this is not something i normally do i decided to do something else special and pin curl it. since the last time i pin curled my hair i did it when it was wet and it turned out like this (those words are a link) so i was like "doing it dry will be better!"
every time i curl my hair i have visions of princessy ringlets and that never happens.
anyway, this is what i started with. 
 putting in the pin curls. i like the sort of mullet i have going on.
 decided to make funny faces.
 all up! full head of pin curls. decided to let my bangs alone.
 i'm not sure how long i left them in. normally i'd sleep on them, but i didn't sleep last night.
 hangin out
 this is what it looked like right after i took them out. a few perfect ringlets but mostly some weird bits.
 and then after i brushed it out. LOTS of volume. not exactly curly, but i could definitely live with this.
...and then, 30 minutes later, i went and spent three hours in the rain.


melina bee said...

that sucks about the rain. do you have very fine hair? I do and have had success with keeping pincurls or roller curls endure better by using a product called "lotta body" setting lotion. your color is fabulous.

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