Thursday, January 12, 2012

i'm tired, i'm tired of being tongue-tied

 i decided to let my inner chav/cher lloyd shine today
 robot hoodie stolen from my sister
skirt from search and destroy, last seen everywhere because i wear it all the damn time
patti smith shirt from etsy

 "bite me" tights from icing
people keep thinking it's a tattoo haha

sometimes jade is annoying 

i'm getting really discouraged by my weight. i dunno. i've gained a lot recently and i just want to commit to losing it but for some reason i can't seem to.


title from tongue tied by iwan rheon
who is wonderful

like all of you!


Allison said...

There are no words for how badly I want those awesome tights. No words.

Marlena said...

omg that shirt!! patti smith amazing-ness *.*

Daniel said...

Jade is so cute ! The t-shirt is awesome !

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