Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i fink u freeky and i like u a lot

 you might recognize this shirt because i posted about it yesterday.
technically i didn't wear it yesterday, just got it in the mail and had to post about it. so! this is fair game.
also i cut it off at the neckline so it looks vaguely different!
 skirt from forever 21 ages ago
tights from sock dreams
 bug bangles from a store in illinois but i dont remember what its called and i went there over break and they don't have them anymore so i don't even know if it's relevant
eye bracelet from westfield mall london
necklace from various charms of mine
i'm still just taking pictures on photobooth so they're kind of shit but at least i found a way to get more of my outfit in! and look at my toaster just hanging out on the floor, isn't it awesome?

vintage hair clips off ebay

title from i fink u freeky by die antwoord:

die antwoord is the fucking best and because my mom is a fabulous mother and person i am going to SEE THEM on the 11th! 
in ten dayssss
holy shit
if anyone out there is going to see die antwoord at irving plaza hit me the fuck up because we need to hang out and be best friends



Lidiya said...

Your hair is perfect, stunning colour! And I adore Die Antwoord, I love their song 'Enter the ninja' <3

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