Wednesday, February 22, 2012

day 15 - a fanfic

oh dear now you all can tell this is a tumblr meme i'm doing. i'm not really that into fanfiction because i think it's kind of weird putting characters together that aren't together and even weirder when it's real people. by "weird" i mean not my thing. you could always go read my immortal (link) which is the most hilarious piece of fanfiction ever created.
also i will totally go down with the sherlock x watson ship in sherlock because MOFFAT IS WRITING THEM THAT WAY. it's practically fucking canon at this point.
look at me! internet buzzwords! hello!



We Can Pretend said...

awesome blog. love this post. we definitely have similar style

Magnet said...

I've never even READ a fanfiction, from what I had heard about it, it didn't seem like something that would interest me. Hmmm.

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